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Updated: Feb 28, 2023

A Scenic Drive and Photography Adventure in Two Harbors, Minnesota

Start your day: Begin your adventure at Voyageur Motel in Two Harbors, where you'll find a convenient and comfortable starting point. Don't forget to grab a coffee from the complimentary beverage bar and a copy of the North Shore Explorer as your tour guide. Fuel up with a delicious breakfast at a friendly local diner before hitting the road.

Discover Gooseberry Falls State Park: Take a drive north on Highway 61 towards Gooseberry Falls State Park, known for its stunning waterfalls and breathtaking scenery. Explore the trails, take photos of the falls and the lake, and soak in the beauty.

Explore the North Shore: Continue your drive north towards Lutsen and Grand Marais. The North Shore drive provides breathtaking views of Lake Superior. Take advantage of various lookout points along the way to snap some photos and enjoy the scenery.

Visit Grand Marais: In Grand Marais, take in panoramic views of the lake at Artist's Point Overlook. While there, take a stroll along the harbor, visit local art galleries, and grab a bite to eat.

Visit Palisade Head: On your way back to Two Harbors, stop at Palisade Head, a towering rock formation that provides breathtaking views of Lake Superior. The area is popular for rock climbing, hiking, and photography.

End your day: Return to Voyageur Motel and relax, reflecting on your scenic drive and photography adventure. Share your photos with friends and family and plan your next adventure in Two Harbors.

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From the great rocky cliffs along the iconic shoreline, to the cobblestone beaches, state parks and waterfalls, to serene spots with spectacular views and harbor towns with rich history - there is something for everyone along the 145 mile stretch of land running from Duluth to Grand Portage. So book your stay at the Voyageur Motel and plan your North Shore adventure today.



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